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Begin thinking of the eyes as a projector rather than something we “see” through.  That’s because everything we observe around us in physical form is the projected image of how we first imagined it to be.  If a boss is cranky and ornery, we had to be internally operating at a cranky and ornery energy level for him or her to appear before us that way.  If we are edgy on the golf course or our games are falling apart, it’s only because we wrote the unhappy or pessimistic stories long enough that the wild shots are now being projected through our eyes.   Whether we like what is appearing before us or not, whatever we see began in imagination and thought form first.  We can try to change the conditions and the stuff around us as much as we like, but the stuff can never appear any differently than what we first projected it to be. The eyes, in a very real sense, are the projector of our thoughts, emotions and beliefs.