Golf Instruction

Every golfer knows that the most critical elements of playing good golf and enjoying your time on the golf course is striking the ball well and hitting it where you want it. Knowing how far you hit each club is essential for enjoying and getting the most out of your golf game.

Every golfer’s physical capability and swing is distinctive. Custom fitting is the process for tailoring a golf club to suit your personal swing.

The Bear Creek Learning Center is now offering golfers the opportunity to have a complete distance analysis of the clubs in your bag so that you will have one less thing to manage on each shot and be able to focus completely on your swing and direction of the shot.

We will measure each of your clubs as you hit them under the watchful eye of  a BCLC center professional  and our state of the art Flight Scope. We then make loft and lie adjustments if required to make sure we you don’t have distance gaps between your clubs. You will leave with a printout of your specifications and yardages, as well as the changes made to your clubs.

The potential benefits are immense in terms of getting the most of your golf game and it is easy to do.

For a limited time, Bear Creek Learning Center is offering this invaluable analysis for only $100. 00 Call or go to the website to sign up

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