Junior Golf Academy

A comprehensive program for boys and girls, ages 9-17, of all skill levels focused on learning, improving, excelling and understanding a game that they can grow to love and play the rest of their lives.

Mission Statement   Encourage excellence and promote friendship, sportsmanship, citizenship through the game of golf.

The Curriculum

The Academy’s unique curriculum  combines the benefits of one-on-one coaching combined with dynamics of being part of a focused, cohesive group of junior golfers.

12 Individual Lessons – Students schedule One on One sessions with our  professional instructors between 2 pm – 6 pm (Mon – Wed) and 9 am- 5 pm (Sat  & Sun). These sessions are highly focused on the individual student’s needs  and customized development program.

Group Sessions – Group sessions are conducted Monday at 6-7pm and focus on  the physiology of the golf swing. The focus of these sessions is to develop and  increase speed, balance and flexibility as they work with our sta­ff of  professional trainers on improving their core elements and applying them to their  golf swing.

Parents Only Sessions – These cover golf equipment for juniors, coaching your  student at home, understanding and preparing for competitive golf at the junior  level such as WJGA, high school and college golf.



Black – Coming soon…

Blue -Designed for juniors who are actively competing in  WJGA tournaments or on their school golf teams.

White – For Juniors that have accomplished the basic golf  skills and want to continue the journey to the next level.

Red – For beginning juniors to develop basic golf skills  with sound fundamentals and an appreciation of what is possible.


The cost for the Fall Session is $560.00.  This covers the One on One Sessions, Group and Parent Only Sessions. There are  discounts available to Academy Students for services outside of the base  curriculum offered by the Bear Creek Learning & Fitting Center.

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